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Ping Crossover has significantly evolved since debuting in 2016, as refinements were made to the shape over time and other features were added to improve performance. Now with their newest release of the iCrossover, Ping is shifting this unique club into its better-player stable alongside the new i230, i59 and Blueprint irons. The most significant change to the Crossover is the addition of an adjustable hosel mechanism called Trajectory Tuning 2.0. PING also added a tungsten weight in the heel area and a tungsten weight screw in the toe to increase stability on mis-hits, and gave the iCrossover the same MicroMax grooves found in the i230 and i59 irons.

For more specifications of PING's iCrossover irons, please click here.

Source: Golfweek; RealFeelGolfMats

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