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Meet Cam, Max Homa and wife Lacey’s first child


Max Homa has won twice this year and recently had another win; this time by becoming a father officially. Max, together with wife Lacey, just welcomed their first child which they named Cam Andrew. Homa took to social media his overwhelming flow of emotions after a healthy, peaceful and happy...

Lydia Ko splits with instructor Sean Foley after 2 years


Just this past month, former #1 Lydia Ko announced that she had parted ways with Sean Foley, her instructor after a 2-year run. Ko and Foley agreed to part ways due to ‘logistical reasons' but both are still close friends. Ko recently won the BMW Ladies Championship for her 18th...

Solid ball-striking requires these 4 swing keys


The important key in having a pure ball-striking game is contacting the ball first with a descending, forward angle of attack. You must produce consistent center hits both with high clubhead speed and ball speed. Also, there are 2 other essentials which is forward shaft lean and proper transference of body mass with...

Time to nail those putts with this training aid


Consistency and repeatability are keys if you want to shoot lower scores, and that’s especially true on the greens. One of the biggest keys for a precise stroke is a neutral putterface at impact. In order to get the ball started on your intended line, you need the face to be square at...